Intelligent Exchange Visits System For Shortcut - Links

How To Work

Create an account

.step 1 : click on signup button and add your username and your email and your password to create account

Earn points

step 2 : login to your account and click on start exchange button on the left to start visit links and earn points

Get money

step 3 : after you visit 30 links and earn 30 point go to "links" tap and add your shorten link to get visitors 

Get visitors

.step 4 : when you get visitors to your shorten link go to your shorten link site and you will find your money there

About us

Is the site of the exchange of links shortcut links in a safe and legitimate manner on all sites shortcut links do not need to worry that you are banned from sites shortcut links because Clickssy provides you a professional way of working to ensure you full security


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